Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coffee Cup Sleeve 2.0


A couple days ago I posted a tutorial for a Coffee Cup Sleeve. I just finished another sleeve with a sleeker design. This design requires a bit more precision and took me longer to complete, but I think that in the end it was worth it. Since I have a few of these to make, I am going to keep playing around with different construction design. Stay tuned for my velcro version!

  • 4x12" front fabric
  • 4x12" back fabric (use canvas, drapery, or other heavy weight fabric if not using a third insulating layer or interfacing)
  • 4x12" insulating material or interfacing (optional, I did not use)
  • 1 button (medium to large)
  • 1 hair elastic
  • marking tool
  • bobby pins
  • needle/thread for hand-sewing (for the button and elastic)

  • front fabric ~ $1.25/yd, Joann
  • back fabric ~ $1/yd, Joann
  • button ~ $0.50/pk, Joann


  • Trace a coffee cup sleeve onto the wrong side of your back fabric.  I accidentally threw away my Starbucks sleeve, so I just traced the sleeve I already made.
  • If you want to just draw the shape yourself, then place points in the same positions as the diagram and draw your curves accordingly
  • Cut out the back and trace it onto the wrong side of the the front fabric and cut.

  • Starting with the back fabric (right side down), carefully fold in 1/4" all around and iron.
  • Place the front fabric (right sight down) over the back fabric, fold in the sides and iron. Use the back fabric as a guide to make sure that the edges of both pieces meet as closely as possible.
  • If you are adding interfacing or other material in the middle, then trace the front over the material. Cut slightly inside the lines so that the piece is ever so slightly smaller than the front fabric. Place it inside the folds of front fabric. Iron, if necessary.

  • Take the elastic and sew the middle together. You want a loop just big enough to fit your button. Cut off the excess.
  • Place pieces in this order: back-right side down, elastic on one end, and front-right side up. Pin the end with the elastic together and also the longest side (you want the buttom unpinned so you can sew the button on with hidden stitches).
  • Bring the ends together (with some overlap) and mark where you want the button to be. Sew the button onto the front fabric only.
  • Pin the rest of the sides and top stitch all around. I double stitched the elastic end for more security and did the same on the other side to match.

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