Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fold Over Clutch

Last night I scrambled to make a new clutch to use for a night out with my friends. I thought that it didn't turn out too bad. I wanted to use a stiffer fabric to give it more structure and add a magnetic button for the fold, but I had fabric that I wanted to get rid of for this test run. I don't feel comfortable with zippers yet, so I wasn't sure how this would turn out. I am going to take apart the stitches at the bottom of the clutch, turn it inside out, sew additional fabric onto the existing, and add the magnetic buttons. This will also give me an opportunity to repair something as well. :)

I love the look of black lace against beige. I didn't find any pre-made that I liked, so I sewed some black lace on a shimmery beige fabric. The inner fabric is a black costume satin (avoid this material if you can). I used Sweet Verbena's tutorial for this clutch: Lined Sequin Clutch With Zipper. I have some process pictures to share, but kept it minimal as this is not really my tutorial. I also used this opportunity to test the dry erase board as a background.

This cost me about $3 to make (the zipper was the majority of the cost, $2).

Don't mind that poor stitch on the right. :) That's just where I attached the lace to the outer fabric. I did it harshly since it wasn't going to be visible. My inner fabric frays quite a bit, so I also cut it slightly larger than the other piece. I'd recommend doing this for any difficult fabrics. It gets trimmed after sewing anyway.

Don't forget to leave a 2-3" gap on one end as well, so you can turn the bag right side out. Just top stitch across the bottom of the bag to finish. If you are comfortable with hand-sewing, then I would recommend using hidden stitches for the gap.

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