Friday, November 16, 2012


Hello there!  I'm Cuc and welcome to my blog!  First, about this blog...

SEWING.  I visited Seattle at the end of this summer and I was in love with all the pretty and cute handmade goods in the street markets.  It inspired me to explore my inner creativity and be productive in my personal life.  For the last month, I've been up until the wee hours of the morning browsing blog after blog for tutorials and ideas on sewing, crafts, refashioning, and the likes.  Hundreds of bookmarks later, I decided that I needed a space where I could share these wonderful finds and my personal journey into this adventure.  I had no sewing experience and feared that I wouldn't even be able to sew in a straight line.  I bought my first sewing machine on a whim (Brother CS6000i), read the manual from front to back, thru and thru, and over and over.  When I finally got the courage to operate it for the first time, it felt liberating.  I realized the endless amount of potential to create and transform things all within my fingertips and I wondered why I never thought to do this before.

FOOD.  When I am not obsessing over all things sewing or spending countless of hours at the fabric store, I love to cook for the BF and friends.  I enjoy all types of foods and especially loooove spicy!  I also like to whip up some sweets every now and then.  I'll be sharing some of my favorite recipes and exploring new ones with you.  Some have an added touch of Cuc and some are left as found.

ART.   I dreaded painting in art class when I was young.  I was OK with other mediums, but couldn't produce anything remotely pretty with a paint brush.  Fast forward to the summer of 2012 and I did my first wall-worthy painting (inspired by a social painting party that I very reluctantly attended).  I think painting required more patience and serenity than I had before.  Now, I actually enjoy painting and wish I had more time to do it!

ME.  I am a Chinese/Vietnamese American.  One of my favorite cities is Beijing.  I studied there for a semester during college and it was one of the best experiences of my life!  My other favorite city is Seattle.  I loved everything about it and knew I would.  I love mountains and evergreens and think they make the most breathtaking sceneries.

Mount Rainer near Seattle, WA ~ August 2012

I have 2 cats who I LOVE and ADORE.  They made a cat-lover out of me.

(Left to right): Setzer is one curious kitty!  He's a trouble maker, but he knows how to pull his strings. Derpy is such a sweet kitty and he is super soft!  He's a cuddler and is known to smother with affection.

03.22.13: Latest addition to my life: Winston. He keeps my life busy and hectic, but I love this fella :)

His first day < 8 weeks old. Short and stout.

Winston at around 5 months old. His legs have out-grown his body!

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