Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pet Bed 2.0

I originally accummulated a ton of fleece and polyfill to make kitty/dog beds to donate to the Humane Society, but I decided to start by donating to my Vet's office instead for their amazing service. The first pet bed I made took me a LONG time [Cozy Fleece Dog (Cat) Bed], so I decided to do a simpler design for this project. I was able to finish three beds and some chew toys in the last couple of days, just in time for Derpy's post-surgery pickup (poor guy went in for a fractured femur if you didn't see my previous post). Each bed took me about an hour to complete. It was maybe ten minutes tops to sew, but stuffing was the hardest part. Hopefully, you are a better stuffer than I am and can finish in less time.

  • fleece
  • stuffing


First, figure out the size of the bed.
  • The center should be big enough to fit your pet and have at least a 4" wall all the way around (4" was perfect for me to fit my hands through and stuff, but you may need to adjust this).
  • Cut on the fold at one of the shorter sides.
  • Include .5" seam allowance for the 3 sides not on the fold.
With the piece folded in half, right sides together, sew the three sides.
Leave a gap large enough to fit your hand through on the long sides.

Turn it right side out and chalk/sew the center seams.
Leave a gap on one side of the center, align it with one of the outer wall gaps.

Stuff the center and close up the gap (this fit under my sewing machine nicely).

Stuff the walls. Tease filling and stuff gently, otherwise it will be lumpy.
Sew the gap closed (here is a tutorial on how to do this: Invisible Closing Seams).

Here are the beds and toys I ended up giving to the vet's office.

I ended up making a bed for Derpy out of his fleece I had been using for the animals' blanket.

I also made a simple stuffed kitty from the fabric scraps.

I have some cute prints I'd like to use for the next ones and I'm looking forward to dropping them off when Derpy goes to get his stitches removed. In case anyone is wondering, Derpy appears to be recovering well from his surgery!

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