Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Transform Stains In Jeans Into Something Cute

It was past midnight. I had just finished hemming and taking in a pretty pair of floral skinnies. I was on a roll, so I started rummaging through my closet for something to refashion. Nothing. Oh wait... I do have a pair of stained jeans... It was time to get to work.

Good jeans are hard to come by for me. So, I wear the heck out of jeans that I LOVE. One of my favorite pair of jeans is from Express and they've been in my closet for ten years. That seems like a long time, but they are still in good shape... aside from an icky stain I got in the front. I'm not sure what it was, but I was sad that I had to retire the jeans. Ripped jeans are fashionable to me, but dirty is not. I couldn't think of anything to do with the jeans other than trying to "rip" the stain out. I didn't quite get the technique right, so I decided to go a different route and turn the stain into a heart cut out and back it with lace.

Here was the very noticeable stain:

  • stained jeans
  • enough lace to cover the stain


  • Draw a heart shape (or any other shape as desired) to cover the stained spot(s) and carefully cut it out.
  • Cut out a piece of stretch lace bigger than the heart, and stitched it to the inside of the jeans by hand. The stitches don't need to be perfect, because the last step is to fray the edges and the stitches just get hidden in the fuzz.

  • In order to fray the edges, I just scratched back and forth around the edges and also picked at it with my nails. It frayed nicely and the stitches stopped it from fraying more than I wanted.

VOILA! I have conquered the stain!

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