Friday, November 30, 2012

Coffee Cup Sleeve

Coffee Cup Sleeve 2.0 (improved sleeker design)
Coffee Cup Sleeve 2.1 & Fabric Gift Bag

I loves owls and I was so happy when I found such a cute owl flannel remnant at Joann's. I had this exact project in mind when I saw this fabric. Owls, Starbucks, being green... perfect! I had seen it by the bolt and figured I'd check the remnants to see if it was there and it must have been my lucky day! On a side note, I LOVE remnants. I usually only need a small amount of fabric for this and that, so why not get the extra discount for remnants to get the same amount of material I would have gotten anyway?

It's on the bulky side, but I kind of liked that because of the flannel material. Cozy and cushy. I'll be making a different one with less weight as an alternative sleeve.

  • 3.5x11" front fabric
  • 3.5x11" back fabric
  • 3.5x11" felt, interfacing, batting, or omit if your fabrics are thick
  • 2 buttons
  • 1 hair elastic
  • marking tool
  • bobby pin
  • a chop stick or similar (for poking corners of the fabric out when turned right side out)
  • needle/thread for hand-sewing

  • front fabric ~ $0.50/yd, Joann
  • back fabric ~ $1.25/yd, Joann
  • buttons ~ $1/300pk, Joann
  • felt ~ $0.50/yd, Joann


I used a sleeve from Starbucks as the template.  Be sure to have an idea of image placement if you are using a printed fabric that has a wide image design like mine.

  • Trace the cardboard sleeve onto the wrong side of the front fabric and added a second outline with a 1/4" seam allowance.
  • Fold the sleeve in where the bents were and marked the sides on the fabric.  This helps to make sure that image will be centered properly.

  • Cut out the pattern and lay it over the back fabric.  To make things easier, cut a rectangular just big enough to fit the pattern.
  • Cut a piece of felt the same size, if necessary.
  • Layer the fabric in this order: felt (if using), back-right side up, front-right side down.
  • Sew along the inner outline, leaving one end open.
  • Trim the up the seam allowance and snip off the corners.
  • Turn it inside out (this where the chop stick helps) and iron.
  • Cut the elastic band in half and sewed the ends together by hand.
  • Poke through one end of the band (pierce the actual elastic) and into the other end.  Then, I wrap the thread tightly around both ends 2-3 times, sewed into the ends, and repeated at least 4 times.

Now, it's time to close up the sleeve.
  • Fold the layers of fabric inwards for a 1/4" seam and pin the elastics into the layers.
  • Top stitch all around for a clean finish.
  • Bring the ends together and mark the position of the buttons, sew the buttons on and your done!

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