Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stegosaurus Remade

I'm excited that for the first time, I've been commissioned to sew! I'm thrilled, because it involves making stuffed animals and those are so much fun. I love coming up with the patterns and designs, but I just hate stuffing them! Today, I got a chance to remake my Stegosaurus from a few months ago (original post here). This was my first stuffed animal and the only one I have used a pattern for so far. I feel like making this the first time gave me a good start because it made me understand the general how-tos of a simple stuffed animals. I've been able to expand on it since then. I could see a significant improvement in my second go at it. The feet were very difficult for me to do the first time and I had jagged looking feet pads. I decided that I would baste the feet to the legs first this time and it helped. The feet pads turned out much smoother and circular. The legs also turned out thicker, which I like. I'm still experimenting with stuffing brands and different techniques, but please do tell me your recommendations! In the next week I get to remake my turtle and design a doggy hand puppet. I've never done a puppet before, so I'm excited for the challenge! Well, that's what I am working :) That and moving... but moving is not nearly as fun.

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