Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stegosaurus: Adorable Homemade Plush Animal

I had a 3 year old boy's birthday party to go to on Saturday and Friday night I made an impromptu decision to sew something for the party. I have tons of polyfill and had been interested in doing some stuff animals, so I picked the cutest (and easiest) one to make from a book called One-Yard Wonders. This Stegosaurus design was by Caitlin Bell. Patterns come with the book.

It was rather easy to make. It would have been easier if the book provided pictorial instructions. I would recommend the book. It has a lot of cool projects I just can't wait to try. Also, maybe all text-based instructions aren't too bad. It actually forced me pay attention to the instructions and try to understand it rather than just mimicking an image. They are also pretty well written. The book, among other awesome sewing gifts, was a courtesy of the BF during Christmas. :)

My biggest challenge was sewing the feet to the legs. Some looked better than others, but they turned out okay and the flaws weren't too noticeable. Also, I came to the conclusion that minor flaws add character. :) I had so much fun doing this that I'm inspired to create some cute animal designs of my own! Stay tuned for more!

6/29/13: Here's the second one I made:

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