Friday, June 21, 2013

Vintage [Wine] Bottle Carrier

I went to a really cool Thursday evening called Remake Thursdays hosted by a local community called Perennial. Perennial's mission is to teach the community about repurposing products and being eco-friendly through DIY sessions and workshops. This was my first Remake Thursday and for a small $5 donation I was able to make a vintage [wine] bottle carrier out of leather belts. There were a couple other small knick knacks I could have made as well, but I was happy to leave with just the bottle carrier and a chance to share it with all of you! I got permission from the host to take pictures of their tutorial pictures and to share it on my blog. With that being said, the instructional images below were made available by Perennial. The first few steps in the written instructions are for verbatim, but I added to/changed up the rest since they seemed unclear to me.


  • 2-3 belts
  • 4 paper brads or other fastener
  • awl
  • bottle


Select two belts! Belt 1 should be solid leather and Belt 2 can be whatever you like.
They do need to be about the same width so either buckle will work on either belt.

Fasten the end of Belt 2 into the buckle of Belt 1.

Slip the end of Belt 1 through the buckle of Belt 2.
Hang this loop over your shoulder and pull Belt 1 to shorten the loop to a comfortable length.
Trim belt 1 right after it exits Belt 2's buckle.

Use an awl to punch a hole in the new end of 1 so you can buckle it to Belt 2 to make a loop.
[I was able to skip this step and use the existing belt holes, but this will depend on your belt.)

Use the scrap you cut from Belt 2 to cut two lengths to wrap around the bottle and Belt 2.
[If the scraps are not long enough then this is where the third belt will be necessary.]
You don't want it too loose but just snug enough so that the bottle won't move around much. 

Place the center of Belt 2 underneath your bottle.
Hold the loop in the air so the belt meets the sides of your bottle and align buckles.
Wrap your newly cut strips around the bottle, making sure the ends overlap the larger loop.
Mark where they will keep your bottle secure, then punch the holes.

Mark where you punch a hole on each end of the strip and punch the holes.
Punch a hole equal distances from the end holes on each strip.

Take one end of a strip, align its hole with a Belt 2 hole, and wrap the other end all the way around.
Three holes should be aligned at this point; fasten with paper brads.
Also, fasten a brad to the opposite hole. Repeat with the last strip.

Click the image below to view a large image of the original instructions.

Here is the carrier on me. Please excuse the blurry image!

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