Saturday, March 30, 2013

Simple Dress Alternative (Taking in the Seams)

Don't you hate it when you find a dress that you think you are about to fall in love with, but then find realize it's not your size or it fits weird? I am so thankful that knowing just a little bit of sewing can go so far and how it can put potentially missed opportunities straight into my closet. I fell in love with a pretty peachy pink lace dress at H&M, but it was very unflattering on me. It was already an XS, but I was looking a little frumpy. The material felt great and the quality was good, so I took a chance. And, I'm glad I did! That worked out so well that I bought another oversized and unflattering dress at Walmart to take in.

Most dresses are fairly easy to take in with just two new side seams. The easiest way to do this is to turn your dress inside out, and trace the outline of a dress that fits you well. Be sure to account for the difference in stretchiness.

As you can see here, I took in more around the waist. Once the new seams are sewn, try it on. If it fits, then trim off the excess fabric and press the seams.

If you don't have a dress already in your closet to use as a guideline...
Then, WEAR your dress inside side out, pinch in the excess fabric with your fingers, and mark your potential side seams.

Don't pass up another deal.
Don't let your body changes keep you from enjoying your favorite dress.
Don't be afraid to experiment and take chances!

I was too eager to fix this and didn't get a chance to take a before shot.

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