Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easy Basic Fitted Tee

Yay for my first completed shirt! It's a pretty basic design, but you can jazz up anything! At this moment, I am in love with lace :) This was fairly easy to do, but working with stretchy fabric is tricky. I did a lot of research prior to starting, but I wish I would have found this blog post before I started:


  • (1) yd of stretch knit
  • (1) fitted tee from your closet
  • embellishments (optional


  • Fold your shirt in half and trace this outline on the wrong side of your fabric. Allow for 1/2" seam allowance.
  • Fold your fabric along the shirt's fold line and cut along the outline.
  • Use your newly cut piece as the pattern for the second piece, but do not add additional allowance for seams.
  • Mark the necklines and cut out it out for both pieces.

  •  Sew your embellishments. In my case, I sewed the lace during this stage, but saved the buttons for when my shirt was completely sewn.
  • Place your pieces right sides together. Sew the shoulders, underarms, and sides together.
  • Hem sleeves, neckline, and bottom.

The lace is actually pretty straight and even in real person, but I had a hard taking a straight picture. Hope you guys like it!

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