Monday, March 25, 2013

Pet Crate Cover

After four months of using a blanket to cover Winston's crate, I finally got around to making a cover for Winston. It was so simple and quick that I'm kicking myself in the behind for not doing it sooner. Better late than never ! :) Winston has a medium/large crate (dimensions below) and I was able to make it with 2 yards of fleece. Fleece is my preferred choice of fabric when it comes to making anything that is accessible to Winston or the kitties' teeth. It's extremely durable, cheap, and easy to work with. Fleece will stretch over time, so keep that in mind. This cover cost me less than $6.

  • Follow the diagram to measure the amount of fabric you will need. Allow for 1/2" seam allowances and hemming, if necessary. I didn't hem since fleece won't fray.
  • Sew your pieces together to match the diagram. Sew right sides together.
  • Hem edges if needed.
  • Optional: I have two kitties that like to play on top of Winston's crate. Winston also jumps on the crate to escape his pen (I need to find a way to keep him in!). So, I needed to secure the cover to keep it from getting pulled off. I attached Velcro to the spots marked with "V".
    • While the Velcro is "Velcro-ed" up, cut 3 sets of 3" Velcro.
    • Detach one set and sew one end of each side together to form a 6" strip. The back sides should be facing the same direction.
    • Attach 2.5" of the backside of which ever end you prefer to the wrong side of the cover. This will allow you to sandwich a crate bar between the Velcro.
    • Do the same for the rest of the Velcro. Add more if needed.

The kitties probably use the crate just as much as Winston.
They may also enjoy it more.

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