Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick and Cheap Scarf

I have been in a sewing frenzy. I get highly motivated, sew a lot, then burn out. Hopefully, I can keep my momentum going! One thing that I have been meaning to do is make scarves with the pretty fabrics I bought for just that. Almost all of my scarf fabrics are remnants from Joann. I made this scarf with about half a yard of fabric. I love the spring print and there's little textured bumps on the right side. I also liked the fact it's not so obvious as to which side is the right side until you are closer. I did not pre-wash the fabric. I figured it would be easier to hem and I wanted the hemmed edges to shrivel and warp some. I like a messy edge.

  • I used half a yard of fabric but you could give or take a few inches. I cut it in half so that the selvage sides measured 12". I used a scarf that I liked as reference and decided to make it about 60" long.
  • I wanted to sew the pieces together so that the seam would in the middle of the scarf (at back of the neck), so I cut two pieces 30" long and sewed right sides together.
  • Hem up the sides. I preferred to use the selvage for the ends.
SOOOO simple and CHEAP! I see so many pretty scarves at the store that I am always tempted to buy, but I can't justify it knowing how easy it is to just make my own! This cost me about $1.

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