Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday eBook Madness

One of my new activities as an insomniac at 3am is to browse Amazon for free Kindle eBooks. I hope to read them someday while I am at the doctor's office or during public commute--that is if my battery-exhausted phone ever allows me to do that much. Most of the subject matters that I look for are usually in the area of professional/personal development and some special interests like food, technology, and social media. Many of the titles are only free temporarily. It always feels satisfying to snag a good deal, especially since my downloads usually have four or more stars. I started thinking that I need to do this on a regular basis like how some people clip Sunday coupons religiously. I would be selfish to not share my awesome finds. So, I will be sharing them every Monday during Monday eBook Madness. I won't have a chance to personally review the books beforehand, but feel free to leave any comments you may have about them and I will try to as well. The consolidated list will be available here: Monday eBook Madness.

Please note that I will verify that the cost is still zero before publishing my post, but the cost is subject to change at anytime. I encourage you to go download them as quickly as possible to catch them while they are still free AND to check the cost before downloading. The ebooks typically range from $0.99 to $9.99 at it's normal Kindle price. Directions on how to access the eBooks are available at each URL.

And, here we go...!




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