Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cool Pillow With Fraying Logo

Boulder, CO is easily one of my favorite cities in the US! I just got back from visiting a couple of my friends who just moved there a year ago and one of my good girlfriends also met us there. I love the mountains and my friends lived literally right next to the Flat Irons and it was beautiful. I loved the views, the weather, and the people! Most of the people seemed as laid-back and casual as they dressed and I loved the fact that it just seems like a very nonsuperficial city. I found it quite refreshing. I am bad about taking pictures, but some pictures will follow this post.

I decided I would make my friends something for being awesome hosts and welcoming my friend and me into their beautiful home. My friend, Daniel Galhardo, started a Japanese fly-fishing company in 2009 called Tenkara USA. It is a company that has grown quickly in a short amount of time and he has such a passion for what he does. Him and his wife took us to the Canyons in Boulder to teach us tenkara. I don't normally like fishing, but once I got the hang of this style of fishing, it was actually pretty fun. If you want more information about Tenkara, please visit his website: Tenkara USA. Anyway, I thought that I would make a throw pillow with their logo on it for them. It was pretty simple to do and you can do use this tutorial for any simple logo or image.


  • canvas or upholstery fabric (I used (2) 13x13" pieces)
  • printout of logo enlarged to fit your pillow (choose a simple image with large cut out space)
  • contrasting fabric 2 inches bigger than your logo on all sides (makes it easier to sew)
  • stuffing

Cut out the pillow size you desire with 1/2" seam allowances all around.
Cut out the logo on the printout with an X-Acto knife.
Flip the image the wrong side up and trace it on the wrong side of a pillow piece.
Cut out the image with X-Acto knife or scissors.

Pin the contrasting fabric evenly to the wrong side of the pillow piece.
Edge stitch about 1/8" around the logo outline.
Place the right sides of the pillow pieces together and sew together with a 3-4" opening at the bottom.
Snip the corners, turn right side out and throw it in with your laundry!

When you take it out of the laundry you get this really cool fraying effect.
The stitching will keep it from fraying any more than desired.
Stuff and ladder stitch up the bottom.

Now you've got yourself a plush and cool pillow that make great gifts for anyone, including yourself :)

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