Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Too Many Vet Visits In One Week!

Mr. Winston was neutered just last Wednesday. The poor guy were a was stumbling around clumsily and running into things the days he wore the cone. He looked sad but also a little goofy as well.

I was back in at the Vet today for one of my kitties, Derpy. Winston had accidentally injured him and now he has a fractured femur. :( Poor guy was in so much pain last night and is now staying overnight at the clinic and awaiting surgery tomorrow. It's fortunate that I have a great vet and everyone in the office is extremely service oriented. Not only is the medical and customer service phenomenal, but I can't believe how much cheaper their prices are compared to others. I'm planning on making some small beds and chew toys to donate to the office for the pets that stay overnight. Hopefully, I can get some things completed by Saturday when Winston gets his stitches removed.

This week has been exhausting between work, the pets, and personal projects. It's only Wednesday, but I'm already looking forward this weekend! I wish there were more interesting things going on in my life to report, but this is my life for the time being. It's enough to keep me busy though!

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