Sunday, September 29, 2013

Compliment Cards

I worked at retail stores during most of college. Most of my work involved sales, so it was heavily customer service oriented. I am someone who cares a lot about my work, so naturally it was important that did my job well and gave my all to my customers. Perhaps because of this, I truly value good service experiences. People who deal with customers everyday see a variety of personalities and experience a range of customers' moods. There are always a few not so great experiences. Also, they are only human, so sometimes they might already be having a bad day themselves. I really appreciate it when someone provides me exceptional service despite that. I always try to find a way to thank them for being exceptional. It can be as simple as being an awesome customer in return. I thought a lot about this a couple weeks ago, and I came up with an idea of something small and simple... "compliment cards". Originally, I had planned to print business cards with a message like "Thanks for your help today. You were awesome!". It was going to be for my barista or maybe someone at a store who provided great assistance. However, I decided that I would leave them blank so I could write a personal message for each scenario and it didn't have to be service-related. I wanted to give compliments to anyone who I observed doing a kind act for anyone, not just me. I felt a little silly handing the cards out, but I finally gave two away today and it felt good! Here is an example of my cards:

Sure, it's a little cheesy but something simple like this can still put a smile on someone's face. If I can do something so simple and achieve that, then I am okay with being a cheesy :)

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