Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The End Of A Hiatus And The Beginning Of Something Better

I've been fairly unproductive in the last couple of weeks. My friend was visiting from Dallas, so she's part of my excuse. She came up to visit St. Louis for a couple of days and then we took a road trip to Kansas City. I've grown to like KC quite a bit. There are some good tourist attractions, nice shopping districts, and also it's the home of the best BBQ in America - Oklahoma Joe's (one of Anthony Bourdain's "13 places to eat before you die").

We arrived in Kansas City fairly late in the afternoon and missed the lunch rush at OK Joe's, but as you can see, the line was still out the door. It was my second time there. I fell in love with the brisket the first time and hadn't stopped thinking about it since. Nothing has ever compared. I ordered a full brisket dinner and was delighted that it was exactly everything I had hoped for... I also got a chicken dinner as well. I think I put the men around me to shame with their single dinners. Honestly, I thought everything else here was OK. I was only there for the brisket and their sweet spicy BBQ sauce (it can be bought at the grocery stores in St. Louis, so it may be available in other cities).

As always, after a trip I always feel a little blue to be back home. It's so nice to able to step away into another city and explore. It took me a couple days to get out of the slump. What helped was my excitement in making some plans to learn about classical art. I have such a deep appreciate for old art and was just blown away by the artistry of the pieces I saw while visiting art museums. More to come on this...

I am currently also working on getting myself on track with exercise. I haven't worked out in a loooong time and it's taken such a toll on my energy level. I have so much I want to do and have just been too tired to do anything.  I started by taking Winston to run around at the park. Baby steps! I got a chance to take a picture of Winston for the first time outdoors.

I hope to have a few projects finished in the next few days for Mother's Day, so stay tuned!

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